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Benefits of Donators

Regular Donator Rank

Mikescape 1:
As Donator of Mikescape 1 You Unlock the Following:

  • Double Cash and Experience in Donator Zone Thieving
  • In-Game Donator Tag [Yell, Player List, Right-Click, etc.]
  • Sexy Donator Chat Icon ( for Regular Donators, for Ubers)
  • Access To Donator Shop [Rares Sets, God Armors, Cape*, Claws+, Chaotic Weapons*]
  • Access to Corporal Beast Monster
  • Access to the Amazing Donator Zone [Zanaris (Fairy City)]
  • Donator Zone Skilling and Slayer Areas
  • Uninterrupted Access to Yell Feature
  • Peace of Mind Knowing You Donated to the Best Server
  • All donations will last until the end of Mikescape

  • *Donator Only Feature

    Donator Statuses are not transferable in any way.

    When using a Credit Card Pick the "Skrill" Option.

    This Video Will Help You If You Are Having Trouble

    Mikescape Development Team
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